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Tzitzit Tying Kit -Indigo Cords with Instructions

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Tzitzit Tying Kit -Indigo Cords with Instructions

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Tzitzit Tying Kit -Indigo Cords with Instructions for sephardic and ashkenazi styles

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Indigo Blue Dyed Cords for tying your own tzitzits.
Natuarally dyed with Indigo Dye, a clean process unlike the snail dyed cords. Leviticus 11:11-12 Indigo dye is made from a flower. 4 Pre-cut cords, Approx 5 and half Yards of Indigo Blue dyed cording. each Blue cord is approx 49"-50" long. This is enough blue cord to do 1 set of 4 tassels of sephardic style tassels with a 9" cascading tassels or two sets of shorter versions (instructions included for sefardic style or ashkenazi pattern) . the final length of your tassels will depend on how long you measure your loops and which style you tie and the cascading tassel ends will vary in length after tying . 12 cords of white are included in your kit. Resources can be found online for other various tying patterns. 100% cotton or 100% linen cords

Why Choose Indigo? The reason Indigo is so favored among believers today is that it is a clean alternative to the unkosher snail (Murex trunculus) dye commonly used. (Lev 11:11-12) It is the same exact chemical make-up of the traditionally used snail dye, except instead of deriving from the blood of an unclean sea creature, it is made from the natural Indigo plant Indigofera Tinctoria. It is noted by the rabbinates that "Kela Ilan" (Indigofera Tinctoria) has consistently been identified as indigo (Aruch), which is blue. The color of the blue dye obtained from the Murex trunculus snail is molecularly equivalent to the dye obtained from the kela ilan plant. (Royal Purple, p.175; Sterman, p.66). We love the indigo also because the blue shades vary from a deep navy blue to a light sky blue, depending on the length of time spent in the dye vats. All shades are equally beautiful and match the color of the sky at any time of the day or evening. These cords are hand dyed in-house here at the shop especially for you. Most of our cords available are a beautiful dark sky blue shade as pictured here.

NOTE: Our dying process includes one washing where the water runs clear as clear as possible to reduce dye bleeds on to your garments. It is natural for indigo to "bleed" when washed and it also fades with each washing,
just like Levi Jeans. the wraps are more defined as they are worn and washed. A very unique look. like the worn parts of jeans- light and dark areas that are not touched as much.
We recommend washing your indigo dyed tzitzits separately from your garment by hand washing them in cold water only and with no detergent.

Even a mild detergent can cause the indigo to bleed and your tassels may stain a white garment. This is "normal for nautural Indigo. Washing in cold water and no detergent will preseve the dye on your cords for a longer duration of time. The regular dyed cords are dyed with either mineral dyes or chemically and will not bleed or rub off..
You can also opt to do a vinegar wash to set the indigo dye a second time..
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